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‘Thumb Drift’ from the Developers of ‘One More Line’ Releases This Week

SMG Studio’s next game, Thumb Drift, has a release date locked down, and it’s…this week! On Thursday, February 18th, you’ll be able to play this one-touch drifting high score chaser. It’s undergone some tweaks and improvements since the first time I saw back at PAX Prime 2015, and it’s shaping up to be a rather fun game from the creators of One More Line (Free) and other such fine titles.

The game should feature a very Crossy Road (Free) like monetization, where you collect coins and watch video ads to help unlock new cars, with the potential for all sorts of wacky vehicles. The thumb-sliding mechanic in this game feels really good to play with, but very difficult to master as your car is just always a bit out of control. It felt pretty promising from the first time I played it, and later builds didn’t make that feeling go away. Check this one out on Thursday.