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‘MAXIMUM CAR’ is the All-Caps Collaboration from the Creators of ‘Fist of Awesome’ and ‘8-Bit Waterslide’

There’s no question that I am a huge fan of Nicoll Hunt’s Fist of Awesome (Free). I mean, I love beat ’em ups, I love beards, and I absolutely despise bears. Ok that’s not true, bears are fine, but I do enjoy punching them. Anyway, because of how wonderful Fist of Awesome was and still is, I’m always interested to hear what Nicoll is up to next. And now I know! It’s an upcoming racing game called Maximum Car (oh sorry, I mean MAXIMUM CAR), and in case you were wondering, no it doesn’t take itself very seriously. Did you expect otherwise? Check out the announcement trailer for MAXIMUM CAR, which gives me heavy Horizon Chase (Free) meets Burnout vibes.

MAXIMUM CAR is a collaboration between Nicoll Hunt’s studio I Fight Bears and animation studio Tea&Cheese who you may know from the surprisingly awesome and silly side-scrolling action runner thingy 8-Bit Waterslide (Free). It’s also set to be published by Ancient Games. So much synergy! The developers say their intention was to make a quick little racing game, but MAXIMUM CAR just kept getting more maximum as they went. They describe it as a mashup of arcade racing favorites from over the years coupled with the unique humor these studios are known for. They also claim “It’s so much better than we meant it to be" which gets me pretty excited! MAXIMUM CAR is planned for release this summer, so look for more on it soon.