There’s a New ‘Clash of Clans’ Unit on the Horizon, and Players Are Thinking It’s an Ice Mage

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Clash of Clans (Free) is obviously the king of the base builder / attacker genre on the App Store, and a big reason for that is the continued support the game gets from Supercell in the form of a non-stop flow of updates. As pointed out on the Supercell forums a few days ago, they’ve publicly mentioned that they’re working on a new troop in the game, which of course has turned the Clash-osphere upside down as players speculate what the new unit could be.

The closest Supercell has actually gone on record to revealing anything was from a developer interview where they mentioned that the new troop was actually inspired by an old troop which was removed from an early version of Clash Royale. The prevailing wisdom was that Clash Royale’s musketeer would be making its way to Clash of Clans, but this sort of blows a hole in that theory.


Taking this a step further, if you look at the progression of Town Hall upgrades as they relate to new units, you really don’t get anything that exciting when you hit Town Hall 10. When players figured this out, Supercell confirmed it via the Clash of Clans Facebook page, acknowledging that Town Hall 10 is the first level that doesn’t have its own Dark Elixir troop.

Piecing the clues together here, it seems like a good first place to look would be digging through the Clash Royale game files, which is exactly what players have done. Inside Clash Royale, there’s two curiously named unused sound files, “ice_mag_hit_01.wav" and “icemage_attack_01.wav". Players further speculate that the Ice Mage could potentially freeze and flow units, and be resistant to inferno damage which would fill an existing hole in the Clash of Clan troop spread.

Of course, Supercell is notoriously quiet when it comes to anything but the most vague teasers when it comes to Clash of Clans updates, so this is almost entirely speculation… But, the clues do fit. Sort of. If nothing else, it’s really fun putting this all together on my end between all the places all over the internet that people are talking about Clash of Clans.

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