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‘Onion Force’ Looks Like My Kind of Action Adventure/Tower Defense Hybrid, Coming in March

I enjoy the occasional tower defense game but I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of the genre. However, I’ve always loved tower defense games that added an element of action by giving you some direct control over a character so you could actively chip in with your towers while defending. Well developer Queen Bee Games is taking a crack at the hybrid action/tower defense genre with their upcoming game Onion Force, and unlike most previous games in the genre it looks like this one is more action game with a sprinkling of tower defense rather than the other way around.

Holy moly there’s a lot of carnage in that trailer! Onion Force will come equipped with 30 levels and a cast of diverse characters to play as. The game’s official site continues: “Make intelligent choices, collect gold and onions, and build towers that will be most effective for the threat at hand. Decimate evil through an array of terrain, weather conditions, destructible environments and utter chaos to find the source of this nonsense." Sign me up! Unfortunately (and obviously) the January date mentioned at the end of the trailer is not accurate, but the good news is that Onion Force is scheduled for release on iOS, Adnroid and Steam in March and that’s only a few weeks away!