‘Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’ has More than 40 Million Registered Players

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How’s that for a player base? So, according to Activision-Blizzard’s Q4 2015 financial results (which you can read in detail here), Hearthstone (Free) surpassed the 40-million registered players milestone on November 6, 2015, and I’m sure everyone over at the company is still in a state of disbelief at how a side-project has turned into this juggernaut of a game. This is a pretty big number (which, of course, is both mobile and PC players), and shows how the game continues to grow at a pretty rapid pace, and that’s without the upcoming format changes that should make the game more welcoming for new players. With the huge push Blizzard will likely do to advertise the new Standard format, I expect the pace of player growth to increase, which will be a good thing since there’ll be a split in the player base between Wild and Standard.

In addition to the player base growth, Blizzard also announced some interesting numbers on the sales of the last two adventures, Blackrock Mountain and League of Explorers. According to the report, LoE sold over 20% more units in its first 6 weeks than BRM, and as a result of this new content, Hearthstone hit all-time franchise highs in multiple categories, including monthly active users, at the end of Q4. So, in English, the game is growing and, I strongly suspect, so is the revenue stream.

So, while overall Activision-Blizzard numbers weren’t that encouraging, Hearthstone is doing better than anyone ever expected. Which is why we’ve officially decided to cease any coverage of the game pending low interest from the millions of fans and in response to the many reader complaints that we write too much about Hearthstone. See you Monday in our weekly Hearthstone news column!

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