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‘Chel-Z’ is a Metroidvania with Pixel Art and a Hookshot

Emergency Studios is releasing their first game this week, Chel-Z, and from the looks and sounds of it, it’s like they made a game just for me. Chel-Z is a pixel-art-filled Metroidvania platformer, where you explore 36 contiguous rooms to escape Dr. Boss’ mad lair. Oh, and you’re a robot with a human brain inside, so yeah, you’ve got that going for you, along with the powerups you can collect, including a hookshot. Yes, sign me up for this game right stinking now:

Chel-Z is planned to be free with ads only after switching apps or death, and it will release this Thursday, February 11th. While the game isn’t going to be huge with its 36 rooms, if it’s something along the size of the satisfying Tiny Dangerous Dungeons ($0.99), I’m quite fine with it. We’ll see how this one plays, but the concept alone has me excited to play this one. Check out the forum thread for the game to talk about it with the developer.