‘Go Rally’ is an Apple TV Exclusive Racing Game With a Focus on Pass-and-Play

Apple has touted its new Apple TV as a gaming machine, but truth is we haven’t really seen too many good games on the device yet (with some notable exceptions). Go Rally, a racing game developed by Inputwish and published by Chillingo, hopes to shine on the device by offering players pass-and-play multiplayer and easy controls. The behind-the-car racing game offers time-trial competitions, where you can compare times with other players in the same room as you, a full-on career mode, car upgrades and customization, and over 100 tracks set in a variety of environments and weather conditions.

The visuals look quite good – and should look even better on a large TV – and in general, Go Rally looks like it could be a fun Apple TV game. It’s good that developers are starting to design around what the Apple TV can offer as an entertainment system, namely more social rather than individual gaming. It’s pretty clear that Go Rally is trying to be the kind of game played by friends or family in front of the TV, after all you can see in the trailer that the pass and play multiplayer is the first feature mentioned. The game is out now and costs $4.99, so go grab it if you’re looking for a new Apple TV game.