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Cooperative iPad Board Game ‘Forbidden Desert’ Arrives February 11th

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It was back in November of last year that we learned that the popular board game designed by Mat Leacock Forbidden Desert would be coming to the iPad courtesy of Button Mash Games. Then just a few weeks back Button Mash announced that Forbidden Desert for iPad had been submitted to Apple. Now, the circle of game release life is almost complete as Forbidden Desert has passed Apple’s snuff and is heading to the App Store next week on February 11th. Here’s a brand new trailer.

In case it wasn’t clear what’s happening in the game from the trailer, you play as an expedition team sent to the desert to discover parts of an ancient flying machine. The game is cooperative, so you’ll need to work together with your teammates to recover the hidden pieces of the machine while battling desert-based dangers like sandstorms and a finite supply of water. Forbidden Desert is a follow-up of sorts to the similarly cooperative experience Forbidden Island ($4.99) which came to iPad in 2011 also courtesy of Button Mash Games and was quite well-received. Look for Forbidden Desert to drop next week.


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