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‘Abzorb’ is a Slick and Challenging Tilt Game

Gerald Kelley, the Chicago-based game developer who did the art for Dudeski ($1.99), has been working on his first game for himself: Abzorb. If you like tilting games like Tilt to Live 2 ($2.99), this is totally up your alley. The game has you tilting your arrow around, trying to absorb the blue dots that are on the playing field by getting close to them without hitting them. The game also throws in time-sucking red dots, as each level has you trying to complete it before time runs out, and you are awarded different amounts of stars based on your time.

Abzorb also starts to throw different elements at you, such as orbs that as you get near them, will increase your range of absorption. It’s a concept that you’ll pick up on right away, but will test you through its 65 levels. The game is really slick, and I’m glad to see it turning out so well after playing a promising early build last year. You’ll be able to check this one out for yourself next Thursday, February 11th.