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‘Ellipsis’ is a Glowy Action-Survival Game with Zero Words

Salmi Games’ Ellipsis looks like quite the curious little game. Described as “a minimalist action survival game," it has you moving your blue circle protagonist through tricky levels and enemy formations, trying to avoid your demise. Ellipsis will boast no text at all as you play, so everything will be explained and demonstrated through the game itself. The trailer demonstrates not only the game’s gorgeous glowy visuals, but also the various types of challenges you’ll have to survive:

The plan for Ellipsis is for it to release on February 11th for $4.99 on iOS, with an Android release down the road. The game is looking remarkably intriguing, and a developer going for that price point with an action-survival game like this? I appreciate the risk and want to see just how well it does at that price point if the game turns out good. We’ll find out starting next week!

Update: The developers have confirmed that Ellipsis will launch with a $2.99 sale price.