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Nitrome’s ‘Ultimate Briefcase’ Blasts to the App Store This Week

Nitrome’s showing signs of getting off to its usual blistering release pace here in 2016, after the anticipated Rust Bucket (Free) update, and now the release of their first published game Ultimate Briefcase this week. The game was made by a third-party studio in Quite Fresh, but is helmed by a former Nitrome artist, so the game does fit into the Nitrome portfolio even if it actually does some things different from other Nitrome games.

Yes, Ultimate Briefcase is centered around replayable high score gameplay, where you’re dodging falling bombs for as long as possible, but Quite Fresh takes a different approach to in-game items. Nitrome prefers to focus on cosmetic upgrades; Quite Fresh has made every item in Ultimate Briefcase that you can buy have an effect, like character upgrades, backgrounds that alter the gameplay, and even backstory elements that can be found through item drops. It’s shaping up to be something familiar yet a bit different for Nitrome, and you’ll be able to check it out yourself as a free download this week on February 4th.