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PAX South 2016: ‘Looty Dungeon’ Lets You Cross Dungeons as a Catapult

Taco Illuminati showed off their game Looty Dungeon to me at PAX South 2016, and while it immediately conjures up visions of the fun The Quest Keeper (Free), and while it’s definitely cut from the same cloth of “dungeon crawling Crossy Road (Free) game," it does some have some differences. Namely, there are several dozen characters each with their own abilities. And the characters are definitely cut from a humorous cloth. Like, you can unlock a catapult to play as, and by tapping-and-holding on the screen, can fire a powerful boulder two squares in any direction.

You’ll run into enemies and bosses, and there’s little things like them being vulnerable to the same dungeon hazards as you are, and tall bosses being able to be hit by the high arc of the catapult shot, that give the game a good feeling of being a well-made product. It’s not going to be winning a lot of awards for originality, but it’s amusing and fun, and that’s good enough. Keep an eye out for this one in March or so.