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‘Fantasy Mage’ is an Upcoming Loot-Focused Action RPG with a Heavy ‘Solomon’s Keep’ Vibe

While the legendary Solomon’s Keep (Free) hit some roadblocks over the past few years, things are finally back on track and I look forward to some new Solomon action on iOS whenever that may be. However, I’ve always wondered why more developers didn’t try to elaborate on the Solomon’s Keep formula of a super accessible top-down action RPG with an emphasis on cool abilities and upgrading. Illogical Games, who you may know from their 2014 dual-stick zombie shooter Dead Hunt (Free), is taking a stab at it with their upcoming game Fantasy Mage. Check out the trailer.

Illogical has provided some details for Fantasy Mage in our forums, and it sounds pretty interesting. There will be a wood/fire/water elemental system at play with enemies, and your character will be able to equip 3 different loadouts and switch between them on the fly. It sounds like a big part of this game will be recognizing each type of enemy and then properly equipping yourself to deal with them. There’s an auto-attack system which sees your character continuously attacking an enemy you choose until they’re dead or you switch targets. The emphasis in Fantasy Mage will be on the strategy of dealing with each enemy’s unique stats and abilities, not necessarily the actual attacking itself like in a dual-stick shooter. There also promises to be tons of loot and character upgrading across the game’s 60 levels. Finally, Fantasy Mage will be $2.99 with no IAP at all.

I know Fantasy Mage might sound like Generic Title: The Game, but it looks really neat nonetheless. It’s coming to iOS, Android, PC and Mac sometime “around February 2016" according to Illogical, and we’ll give you a heads up when it arrives.