‘Clash of Clans’ and ‘Game of War’ Made More Digital Revenue in 2015 Than the Top 10 Console Games Did Combined

Late January seems to be the time of year when every research/analytics firm on the planet is releasing their reports for the previous year, and we’ve been inundated with all sorts of them. Superdata published a nice and succinct report showing top digital revenue generating titles across console, PC, and mobile which seemed too crazy to not post. The tl;dr effectively is Clash of Clans (Free) and Game of War (Free) together made more money than the entire top ten console games list combined in digital revenues. That’s absolutely insane to think about.

joosterizer_2016-Jan-26 1

There’s basically no conclusion to be made here that won’t make someone mad, so, read into the above chart what you will, particularly considering it’s only counting digital sales. It’s not a huge surprise to me that mobile is ripping it up so much, but it’s wild to see Clash of Clans trailing on League of Legends, as the mega-popular PC MOBA has been the biggest game on the planet for a while now.