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‘RBI Baseball 16’ Coming This Spring to Mobile

MLB’s in-house revival of the classic RBI Baseball franchise is coming back for a third year, as RBI Baseball 16. It’s coming this spring, and mobile will once again be part of the release. Whether it will actually launch alongside the console versions this time remains to be seen – the mobile versions have shown up late, with even MLB subject to the whims of the App Store approval process. MLB announced the game with a new trailer that they’ve started running on TV. Well, at least as part of the in-house ads during this dead part of the year on MLB Network, but still technically on TV!

In case you’re wondering who the cover star featured in the trailer actually is, it’s Mookie Betts. I’m a baseball superfan, and that even took me a few seconds to realize who he was, though Betts is certainly proving to be a great and potential breakout player up in Boston. I’m curious as to how RBI Baseball 16 will turn out; the original game was a solid diversion if not amazing, and last year’s game was an improvement, sure. Honestly, I would love if the Super Mega Baseball folks were involved with this somehow since their game is amazing, but hey – more baseball games are always welcome to me.