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‘Her Story’ Developer Teases Spiritual Sequel in Development

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One of the more original games of 2015 was Sam Barlow’s Her Story ($3.99), an FMV mystery game that was a glorified Google search simulator, sure. But through its simple mechanics, it forced you to piece together a mystery narrative in a non-linear way, ensuring that your experience was different from someone else who played the game. Not everyone ‘got it’, but those who did pretty much unanimously loved it. It was one of my favorite games of 2015. Now, it looks like Sam Barlow is working on a sequel to the game, of sorts. ‘Her Story 2’ is a working title to a new game that he posted a pixelated “1-pager" summary of to Twitter:

Barlow also confirmed that the sequel is not a direct one to Her Story:

Heck, it’s entirely possible that this will be way different from Her Story and not be an FMV game at all. But the point is that the developer of an incredibly memorable game is working on a new game somewhat in the vein of that game, and you ought to be intrigued.

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