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‘Fishing Break’ is the New Game from ‘Pocket Mine 2’ Developer Roofdog Games

Roofdog Games, who have made some solid titles in Pocket Mine 2 (Free) and Extreme Road Trip 2 (Free), have announced that their next game is Fishing Break, and you can play it soon…possibly even right now if you’re lucky! As the title says, this is a fishing game, and you’ll be setting out, casting your line and trying to reel in some big fish, upgrading your equipment along the way to make it easier to get the trophy fish that’ll make your fishing buddies jealous. Roofdog tends to make simple games that are surprisingly replayable, and there’s no reason to think from the look of this that it won’t also be a ton of fun to play.

If you want to play Fishing Break now, you have three options. One, play it on Android in Canada or Australia where the game has soft launched. Two, nab it from the Canadian or Australian App Stores where the game should be soft launched. We have a guide if you need to know how to do that. Three, nab a promo code for the game right now from the thread in the upcoming games forum while they last!