[Updated] ‘Horizon Chase’, a Love Letter to Old-School Arcade Racers, is Now “Free to Try”

One of last year’s biggest games and indeed one of our own Best of 2015 and a serious contender for Game of the Year, Aquiris Game Studio’s Horizon Chase (Free), has just gone free for the first time since its release. The best way I can describe Horizon Chase is that it’s like what someone in 1985 would imagine an arcade racing video game would be like in 2015. It has a decidedly retro feel but somehow still feels modern at the same time. I mean, just look at this glorious trailer for Horizon Chase.

How can that not get you pumped? Besides all the Best of 2015 accolades I mentioned before from both ourselves and many more places across the ‘Net, we also really enjoyed Horizon Chase in our initial review from last August, so be sure to check that out. Or, you know, just download the game for free and play it, ya knucklehead. The iTunes featuring hasn’t changed over in the US, but this smells of Apple’s App of the Week promotion, so if that’s the case you have a whole darn week to grab this freebie. But why wait? What’s the point in that? You could be retro racing right now, so head off to the App Store and grab Horizon Chase for free.

UPDATE: Well this is sort of annoying, the price of Horizon Chase dropped to free well before an update hit that states it makes the game “Free to try." So technically this isn’t a freebie but an actual change in price model. The good news is this doesn’t appear to be a switch to a gross free to play model, rather the updated version gives you access to the first 5 circuits with the option to buy the rest through an in-app purchase. As someone who already owned the game, it’s tough to tell how the model works now. Anyway, while it may not be the whole enchilada for free like we thought, just getting the ability to take Horizon Chase for a test drive for free is a great thing, as absolutely everyone should check this game out. And the update adds iCloud saving, which is a nice bonus. So go grab it, people!

UPDATE #2: Welp, it looks like Horizon Chase is currently unavailable in the US App Store, and possibly other regions. No idea what’s going on but I imagine it’ll be coming back soon, so be sure to check on it later in the day.