‘AdWatch Tournament Edition’ Skips Gameplay, Instead, Simply Puts Players to the Task of Watching Ads

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Alright, so this game is a little old by today’s standards, but since it features no gameplay to speak of, you can’t really blame us for it not being on our radar. AdWatch Tournament Edition (Free) just got posted to our forums this morning, and in a nutshell, the basis of the entire game is just watching ads. Brought to you by the masterminds behind Battle Gems (AdventureQuest) (Free) and AdventureQuest Dragons (Free), AdWatch Tournament Edition tells the tale of the Party Pals, a group of cute animals who explain how online advertising works in mobile games.

Here’s the game’s introductory video which sets the scene:

After you watch a few more ads, another video pops up with the Party Pals explaining just how much money it costs developers when you click an ad and install an app, and the “game" sort of progresses from there. The whole thing rides a dangerous line of being clever App Store commentary and being a little too on the nose. You might laugh, you might cringe, but one thing everyone who downloads AdWatch Tournament Edition will do is watch a whole lot of ads.

If you’ve got any Real Gamer friends who can’t get enough of dogging on mobile, chances are they’ll love this.

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