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‘Flappy Bird’ Developer .Gears Partners Up With Obokaidem, Teases Screenshot of New Game

Flappy_Bird_icon-2While the massive windfall of cash is undoubtedly always nice, when it comes to overall inbox sanity, there’s few things worse than being a successful app developer. When a game hits big, you go from someone no one cares about to the around-the-clock target of every salesman of the countless ad networks and other middleware provider on the planet. Flappy Bird hitting big turned the previously unknown Dong Nguyen into the golden goose every one of these people were chasing.

The fact that .GEARS had the total pick of the litter when it came to partnerships makes them teaming up with Japan’s Obokaidem feel … far more significant than a random indie developer teaming up with someone else. The name Obokaidem might not be that familiar to western gamers, but you might know them as the developer behind Pick-Xell (Free) which Shaun liked quite a bit in his review.


The two developers are working on something called “N Project" which should hit the App Store sometime this year. It’ll be fascinating to see whether or not the duo can recapture the lightning in a bottle that was Flappy Bird, as duplicating App Store success has been a massive challenge even for big players in the scene. The Flappy phenomenon was one of the biggest surprise hits in App Store history, so, regardless of how well this “N Project" does, it’ll always be tangentially relevant in the timeline of iOS gaming.

[via serkantoto.com]