‘Out There: Omega Edition’ Is a Buck Again, in Case You Missed the Last Sale

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Out There ($4.99) was original released in early 2014, and we loved it in our review. The easiest way to describe the game is like if you took the brutal space exploration game FTL ($9.99) and mashed it up with gamebook-style decisions instead of all the combat that FTL is known for. Both games take place in space, feature equally bleak premises of being low on resources and needing to survive, with the decisions you make along the way (along with some pretty brutal RNG) being all that stands in between you and total destruction.

The original game was great, then they released the “Omega Edition" update which added heaps of new art, features, and other crazy stuff into the game which really breathed new life into the whole thing. Here’s the trailer from the original release of Omega Edition:

Out There has been on sale for a buck a few times before, but I figured it was worth pointing out again in case you missed it the last time. There’s just a silly amount of content in this game for a dollar, and if for some weird reason you played it back in 2014 but haven’t revisited it since the huge update hit, well, consider this your friendly reminder to check it out.

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