The Entire ‘Infinity Blade’ Trilogy is on Sale for $0.99 Each

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Sometimes, when Chair Entertainment would put their Infinity Blade games on sale, they’d do something cute, like putting Infinity Blade 1 ($5.99) on sale for 1 dollar, Infinity Blade 2 ($6.99) on sale for 2 dollars, and Infinity Blade 3 ($6.99) on sale for 3 dollars. Not this time. The Infinity Blade games are all on sale for $0.99 each, no shenanigans here. You can get these 3 huge, influential games on iOS for 3 dollars total. Cool stuff.

While the Infinity Blade franchise might be on hiatus at the moment, with no rumblings of any sequels or the like, Chair Entertainment is keeping busy. They’ve released their Xbox 360 Metroidvania Shadow Complex for free on PC in a remastered version, and hey, I wouldn’t mind that on mobile. I haven’t fired up the remaster yet to see just how convoluted the controls would actually be on mobile, but don’t let your dreams be dreams, kids, just do it. Also, Chair is working on Spyjinx with JJ Abrams to potentially release next year, so they’re keeping busy, for sure.

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