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‘Infinity Blade’ Developers Chair Entertainment Announce ‘Spyjinx’ with JJ Abrams

Chair Entertainment, the studio that is most known on mobile for doing the Infinity Blade ($5.99) series, which hasn’t seen much action since Infinity Blade 3 ($6.99) concluded. But what was to come next for Chair? Well, we had no clue until now, as they’ve announced that they’re working on a new game called Spyjinx, and they’re bringing a heavy hitter with them: JJ Abrams, out generation’s most prominent figure in the field of sci-fi entertainment, what with him being the co-creator of noted TV sci-fi series Felicity, Lost, and Fringe, and as the director of two Star Trek movies, Super 8, and a little upcoming project known as Star Wars: The Force Awakens. His production company Bad Robot is involved with Chair Entertainment to work on Spyjinx, which they aren’t really talking much about at this point, but Chair’s Donald Mustard and Abrams sit down with Geoff Keighley to talk about the game:

Spyjinx is described as a mix of action-strategy, RPG character development, and world-building, and the plan for the game is to be on desktop and mobile next year, with a beta planned for the game. It’ll be really interesting to see just what this is and how it shakes out, but given the talent behind the game, it should be worth keeping an eye on. And while Donald Mustard was probably referring to Spyjinx in this tweet saying there was a “a big secret," that Shadow Complex Twitter account coming to life 6 years after the game’s initial release on XBLA is..something worth keeping an eye on, right? I mean, why would you need to start up a branding effort on that game unless something new was going on with it? That game is a pretty beloved Metroidvania, and people would love it it released on new platforms…and why not mobile? Hint hint.