‘Land Sliders’ Now on Android, and with Holiday Update!

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Prettygreat’s debut title Land Sliders (Free) has just gotten a big update for the holidays, and I’m not just saying that as a euphemism for Christmas, no. Sure, the game includes 14 new chracters, including Santa and an elf to play as for the Christmas season, but becuase Haunkkah is also going on, Prettygreat has included a dreidel to play as. I have to say, that’s…prettythoughtful. Oh, and there’s other, less-holiday-ish characters added, like a fighter jet. Maybe it represents a part of Festivus I’m not really aware of.

You can unlock some of these new characters as part of the Christmas Quest, which hides some of the new characters among the game’s levels. New holiday worlds are available, gameplay bonuses when characters level up, and a revive function are now available. And if you have an Android device, well, good news – the game is now available on Google Play with all the holiday goodies here as well.

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