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Dying is the Key to Winning in Upcoming Puzzle Platformer ‘Death and Beyond’

Platforming games are typically all about reaching an end goal of a level without dying along the way. Whether it’s falling into a death pit or getting taken out by an enemy, generally you want to avoid anything that will end your life before you make it to the end. Death and Beyond is the exact opposite of that. Instead, each level in Death and Beyond is all about discovering the proper way to kill yourself, which is the only way to advance to the next level. It’s definitely a morbid but intriguing idea, check out the trailer.

Though the trailer is a bit dark (both figuratively and literally), Death and Beyond looks like it has some clever ideas going for it. It reminds me a lot of the (sadly no longer available) Karoshi which was also a platformer all about discovering hidden ways to kill yourself in each level. There’s something fun about fiddling around and discovering elaborate, ‘Final Destination’-esque ways to do yourself in, as twisted as it may be. Death and Beyond is heading for release in early 2016.