‘Fallout Shelter’ Adds Dogmeat and Other Pets

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Bethesda’s hit Fallout Shelter (Free) has just gotten an update adding a very important new feature to the game: pets. Do you want your dwellers to have their own Dogmeat or Maine Coon kitten to help keep their spirits up, and keeping your vault running at tip-top efficiency? Now they can! It is a wonderful time to be a vault dweller, I say.

Fallout Shelter Pets

Along with pets, some other tweaks and improvements have been added to the game. You can now permanently evict dwellers you don’t much care for. Dwellers have new lines and conversations for talking with others and impressing their love interests. Sell all options will help you manage your inventory easier. New objectives, dweller management features, and bug fixes to the game should help out with your experience of the game, as well. Not that any of those compare to the pets. The update is available now, and we can only hope there’s more to come…

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