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‘Egz’ is an Adorable and Colorful Puzzle Platformer About the Creation of Everything

All of us living creatures and this Earth that we inhabit, it’s all really strange, you know? Where did it all come from? From a big bang? From a deity’s imagination? From something else entirely? Developer Lonely Woof is going with option 3 for their first game Egz. Described as a mix between a platformer and a mini golf game, Egz the creatures are the universe’s very first living beings, and Egz the game has you moving those beings through a series of levels safely using the tried and true pull-back-and-launch mechanic. Those levels are filled with hazards and contraptions that’ll either hinder or help you. It’s all explained quite well in the cute trailer for Egz.

Since the Egz are so fragile, you’ll have to carefully consider how you sling them around levels, and make sure their life energy doesn’t run out either. Egz doesn’t look like it’s going to redefine the puzzle platformer formula or anything, but it does look like a very polished and well-designed entry in the genre, with a whopping 80 levels to play through, 3 mini-games and possibly even more features to come. Pretty impressive for the effort of a single person. Egz is shooting for an early 2016 release and we’ll let you know when it arrives.