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‘Implosion’ Developer Rayark Teases Gorgeous ‘Sdorica’

Rayark, the studio behind the well-made Implosion: Never Lose Hope ($1.99) from earlier this year, are teasing a new game for 2016, and it’s looking quite different, but like a gorgeous experience nonetheless. Sdorica is their next game, looking like a fantasy-inspired 2D game with fantastic artwork and animation. You have to see the teaser in motion for yourself, it’s stunning:

Yeah, that would make sense as to why the game has elicited such drastic reactions in the forum thread for the game. Details are few and far between just the title and trailer, and perhaps the deck of cards in the trailer hints at something. No matter what, Implosion was rather good, and combined with the production values on Sdorica, there’s plenty of reason to think this one could be a game worth looking out for when it releases in 2016.