Papercraft Style Snowboarding Game ‘Shred It!’ Gets a Big Holiday Update

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In September of last year a quirky little snowboarding game called Shred It! (Free) was released by developer Extra Mile Studios. Shred It! had an incredibly charming papercraft art style that gave it a really unique look, and really solid “behind the back runner" style snowboarding gameplay that worked well on the touchscreen. Unfortunately, finicky touch detection and a lack of content caused Shred It! to largely fly under the radar when it released. Extra Mile addressed that by updating the game with greatly improved touchscreen controls, a Checkpoint Challenge mode, and several seasonal content updates for Halloween, Christmas and New Years. Its last update was way back in January, but with winter in full swing and snowboarding being a winter pastime, a new Shred It! update has just landed that rejuvenates this overlooked little gem.

The update includes a new night time stage, and if you’re a bad enough dude or dudette you can actually watch the day turn from morning to afternoon to evening to night all in one run. If you aren’t bad enough don’t worry, that’s where the new Chill Session mode comes in. This mode is all about shredding for the sake of shredding, with no real goals other than enjoying the ride. If you bail you’ll simply respawn and continue your run forever. There’s also a new multiplier mechanic when you trick through hoops, way more leaves to collect during your runs, and several other tweaks to how the game behaves that make for an overall better experience.

Whether you like snowboarding or not, Shred It! is just plain fun and I’m happy to see it getting some love more than a year after its release. It’s free and ad-supported, with an IAP to disable those ads or to buy extra currency, which is totally optional and only lets you buy stuff faster if you’re impatient. So give it a try, and I’ll see you on the slopes!

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