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Upcoming ‘Power Hover’ Takes Place in the Future We Should Be Living in

In case you weren’t paying attention, we’ve already passed the day that Marty and Doc travel to in the future in Back to the Future 2. We’re supposed to be living in a world of the Cubs winning the world series, drinking Pepsi Perfect, and most importantly- Riding hoverboards. Well, it’d seem none of that has happened. (Aside from the Pepsi Perfect thing, sort of.) The upcoming Power Hover takes place inside of this future we’re supposed to be in, putting players on a hoverboard and avoiding obstacles all over the world. Check out the trailer, and make sure you’ve got your sound on as the music is rad:

We’ve got a thread in our forums started by the developer with a few more details. The most interesting of which being that despite looking like an endless randomly generated game, it’s level based. Additionally, instead of being packed with IAP, it’ll be sold for $3.99 when it launches on iOS (with other platforms to follow).

Anyway, back to being disappointed that I still don’t have a real hoverboard.