Apple Nukes App Store Wish Lists Because… Reasons?

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wish-listIt looks like we’re in the midst of yet another App Store SNAFU as recently reported both on our forums and on Reddit. It seems that for whatever reason, Apple has purged people’s App Store wish lists. It seems like this has to have been some kind of mistake, as it seems real crazy to wipe wish lists going into the holiday season, but we are talking about the App Store here, where few things ever make sense. If you’ve been using the App Store wish list functionality, you might want to give it a look and see if yours is also empty.

If you still remember what was on your wish list, I recommend either rebuilding it on AppShopper or inside the TouchArcade app (Free). Arguably, the functionality on our end as opposed to using Apple’s solution is even better. First off, we don’t randomly wipe your wish lists, but more importantly you’ll also get alerts when things go on sale.

No word from Apple on whether or not wish lists will be restored, but in the meantime, it’s probably safe to just pour one out for your lost list of games.


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