Tuesday’s ‘Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 Update Reveal Shows TH 11 Defenses and TH 9 Freeze Spell

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The Clash of Clans (Free) reveal for today is pretty defensive (see what I did there?) since it’s all about the new defenses for Town Hall 11. You’ll get the usual Cannon and Archer Tower, an additional Wizard Tower, a fourth X-Bow, and a lot more. In TH11 then you’ll be able to have 8 Archer Towers, 7 Cannons, 5 Wizard Towers and 4 X-Bows. As the video says, all these new defenses were probably behind the decision to expand the village space so as to not get everything cramped or end up running out of space. Many Clashers on Reddit feel that it will be very difficult to attack Town Hall 11s because of all these defenses, but I’m pretty sure the developers are aware of this; I’d be surprised if we don’t get some kind of counter to all these defenses at some point this week. After all, the developers have repeatedly stated that this update aims to partly ensure the game’s longevity, and you can’t have longevity if Town Hall 11 is like the Death Star minus the thermal exhaust port.

Today’s Forum exclusive reveal wasn’t about Town Hall 11 but, rather, about Town Hall 9. At Town Hall 9, you’ll be able to unlock the Level 1 Freeze Spell, which as the video says it should be quite the game-changer and should change the meta. It should give Town Hall 9 better odds against Town Hall 10, but again, we haven’t seen all the reveals yet. What do you think about today’s reveals? We had a hunch we’ll be getting more Town Hall 11 specific reveals, and that’s what we got today. Some Clashers are patiently waiting to hear more news about the lower Town Halls, so we’ll see what else we’ll be getting this week.

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