After a Journey Longer than Odysseus’, ‘Dominion’ Has Finally Hit the App Store

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I know, you are in disbelief, rubbing your eyes and blinking to make sure what you are reading is true and not the result of that weird concoction you downed last night or last year’s pizza you had for dinner (I know, it looked perfectly edible). The famous card game Dominion (Free) is now available on the App Store after many trials and tribulations and a 3-year journey. Quick context: back in 2012, Goko Games tried to introduce the world to HTML-5 gaming and decided to use Dominion as part flagship game part advertising. Well, the platform’s launch was horrible and Dominion was immediately pulled from the App Store. Even since that fateful day, Dominion fans have been looking across the ocean, waiting for the game to resurface once more and take its rightful (?) place among iOS card games. In early October, the game was submitted to Apple for review, and then, once more, the game went as silent as a ninja.

Dominion Dominion

Rejoice, though, because the game is finally here, and the execution is…interesting? So, the game is free-to-download and comes with the entire base set for solo and multiplayer matches as well as a tutorial and three Campaign collections with cards mostly from the base set, a $45 value (or so the App Store description states). You can get the Dominion expansion sets as IAP purchases to access additional cards and Campaigns: Intrigue, Seaside, Alchemy, Prosperity, Cornucopia, Hinterlands, Dark Ages, and Guilds. You can’t buy the expansions with real money though; rather, you have to buy the in-game currency and then buy the expansions. Let’s just say, people aren’t very happy about this IAP system because you’ll often have in-game gold left over, something that wouldn’t be an issue if you could use actual money.

Buying all the expansions will set you back $89.99, not a small amount, but there are many, many expansions available. If you have any expansions from the PC version of the game, you should also have them on the iOS version. According to people in the forums, the game locks up in the tutorial, but I have no idea if this is a widespread issue or not. Given the game’s history, I would make sure the game works fine before buying any IAPs. The game can be played online against 1-4 other players (it requires an internet connection), and is available now. Unless it disappears again, or some kind of time vortex swallows it, or something.

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