New ‘Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 Update Sneak Peek Shows Level 9 Wizard Tower & Laboratory

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We are officially in Week 2 of the Clash of Clans (Free) sneak peeks of the upcoming (maybe early December?) Town Hall 11 Update, an update that will bring major changes to the game millions love. Today’s reveal showed some of the Town Hall 11 upgrades including the gold and elixir storages that will max out at Level 12. If you add all the resources together (including what the Town Hall itself will be able to hold post-update), you get a maximum capacity of 10 million gold and 10 million elixir. We also got a peek at the new Laboratory and the Wizard Tower, which will now go up to Level 9. Today’s sneak peek seems to pave the way for more info this week on specifically the Town Hall 11 buildings and upgrades.

The last couple of days we also learned that the village area is going to get bigger after the update, but at the same time the attack time will increase by 30 seconds to make up for the size increase. And also, you’ll be able to request or donate one Dark Spell to your clan mates, and the donation menu will show what’s already been donated. Overall, these latest announcements definitely weren’t as big as the ones last week, and from the looks of it the sneak peeks from this week won’t create the turbulence that last week’s reveals created. Of course, famous last words, I suppose. Stay tuned for more information tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

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