‘Harmony 3’ Gets Big Holiday Level Pack Update This Week

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BorderLeap keeps on working on their stylish iOS games, with Harmony 3 ($2.99) getting a festive holiday update this week on Thursday, December 3rd. 50 new levels, featuring snowfall, yuletide symbols, and colors that feel very December-ish and holiday-esque. Plus, there’s all new music from Hammock, who’s done the hypnotic tracks for the series. The level pack will be available right away, and will actually serve as a good introduction to the game if you haven’t played it before, starting off easy before getting more and more challenging.

Along with the new level pack on Thursday, the game has a new hints system where you can get the next move on the board from the start, which should help you out on those more devious puzzles. Thankfully, you can use a hint once and get it for subsequent attempts on the level. The free update will be out on Thursday.

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