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‘Totes the Goat’ is a ‘Mutant Mudds’ Developer’s Take on ‘Q-Bert’

You might know Jools Watsham from his work with Renegade Kid on Mutant Mudds ($4.99) on iOS (which could use an iOS 9 compatibility update), and a variety of DS/3DS games, including horror FPS Dementium and the solid Metroidvania Xeodrifter. Along with Renegade Kid, he’s doing some mobile work on the side as part of his new studio Atooi Games, and Atooi’s first game is going to be coming out next week, as Totes the Goat. It’s their take on the Q-Bert formula, as you hop around isometric levels, dodging enemies and trying to score as many points as possible.

Where this differs from Down the Mountain (Free) or Mountain Goat Mountain (Free) is that the game actually still comes close to the actual Q-Bert gameplay, as you have to turn all the tiles to a certain color by hopping on them while dodging the enemies, with a variety of levels to play through. And in the Crossy Road (Free) tradition, there are various voxellized characters to unlock. Expect this one next week on December 3rd.