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Interactive Novel ‘One Button Travel’ Will Let you Travel Starting Tomorrow

one button travelA few weeks back I wrote about TheCodingMonkeys‘ upcoming One Button Travel because I was intrigued by the game’s very cryptic trailer. Well, the game is all wrapped up and ready to be released tomorrow, and from my time playing it I can tell you that if you like interactive novels, you should definitely get your hands on this one. One Button Travel is the next game by the team behind the award winning Rules! and the entry of TheCodingMonkeys (of Carcassonne fame) into the genre of interactive fiction. The story is set in a mysterious future and tackles many of the same social questions and conundrums we face today – immigration, a faceless bureaucracy, and much more – which I won’t go into details about to keep the experience fresh.

What I will tell you is that the story is very interesting and not your usual interactive novel fare. The developers are inspired by titles like Lifeline (which I really enjoyed), and 80 Days, so you get the idea of how your interactions take place. The story is 55000 words long and the decisions you make actually matter. To cut a long story short, If you like interactive fiction, just go buy this one. The game comes out tomorrow for iPhone and iPad (with an Apple Watch companion app coming in December) and will cost $2.99.