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Stealth is the Secret to Survival in ‘Rogue Agent’

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I’ve always had a soft spot for what stealth-based games are trying to do. The idea of someone going around an enemy base and just shooting any enemies they come across just seems preposterous. Some of those henchmen had families! Evil families, probably, but still! Plus, at a certain point, they’re not going to let the body count keep piling up. A good henchman is not that easy to replace. So, under those circumstances, it seems like if I was someone trying to infiltrate an enemy hideout, I’d be stealthy. Remember, they can’t catch you if they don’t even know you exist. Such is the mantra of Rogue Agent, a stealth game where the goal is to make it to the ends of levels without being discovered.

Now, you certainly can win while being discovered, but those guards are faster than you. They will catch you if they find you. So, you watch their movement patterns, walking slowly to not arouse suspicion, and running when necessary, though they will hear you if nearby. At least you can run and make it to the exit before they catch up to you. And the shadows will keep you safe from your enemies. And the occasional tools you get will help out, as well. This stealth game is pretty fun based on the early copy I’ve gotten to try out. You’ll be able to play it for yourself early next year. Until then, check out the game’s forum thread for more.

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