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‘A Good Snowman is Hard to Build’ Rolls on to Mobile Next Month

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A good snowman is hard to build. You have to get all that snow rolled and balled up, and stacked on top of one another, and oh yeah, it’s cold outside, and why not stay in and play video games instead? Video games such as A Good Snowman is Hard to Build. For the longest time, you’d have to play A Good Snowman is Hard to Build inside, on a desktop computer, or maybe a laptop, like some kind of untamed beast. But now, you can play the game from wherever you’re warm, or at least have some of those capacative gloves on, as A Good Snowman is Hard to Build comes to mobile on December 10th.

The game has you creating snow boulders, eventually stacking them up to form snowmen that your monster protagonist hugs. That sounds sickeningly adorable, and I’m in for it. If you enjoyed Draknek’s These Robotic Hearts of Mine ($2.99), or just like cute puzzle games, this looks like it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

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