TouchArcade Deals: Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar for $149

We’ve got a lot of crazy stuff over on TouchArcade Deals, and today’s deal is super cool if you’re the kind of person who wished Guitar Hero came with a real tiny electric guitar. Well, the Jamstik wireless smart guitar sort of realizes that dream, in that it’s a full-blown electric guitar that hooks up to your iOS device and then lets you play… Well, actual music. Check out how it works in this demo video:

Of course you still need to know how to play guitar, but this also might be a great thing to learn as you can play using headphones without disturbing others. Additionally, there’s apps like Jam Tutor on the app store that can help you learn. I’ve got no idea how to play guitar, but, if you do (or are interested in learning)… definitely give today’s deal a look.

For everyone else, we’re giving away a PS4, so go sign up for that if you haven’t already.