This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is (Finally) ‘Captain Blackheart’s Treasure’

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You might remember how a couple of weeks ago when the Hearthstone (Free)Tavern Brawl we got was Webspinners, another repeat performance. However, you might also remember that the Brawl wasn’t supposed to be Webspinners; instead, it was supposed to be Captain Blackheart’s Treasure, a Brawl that would hint at (and prepare players for) the League of Explorers announcement ahead of Blizzcon. Alas, it was not to be as the gremlins came out from the digital woodwork and took the Captain down. Although Webspinners was fun, everyone was left wondering about the one that got away. Well, today we get to find out as Captain Blackheart’s Treasure is now officially live for NA (for real this time).


This Brawl is all about the new Discover mechanic, but instead of having the mechanic tied to specific cards, in this Brawl every turn is like playing a Discover card. You’ll get three cards each turn and you’ll have to pick one to add to your hand. The Brawl has premade decks to increase the fun and the unexpected situations that will definitely occur. I like how Blizzard is using a Brawl to teach the virtues of this mechanic and to show how strategic it can be. It’s one thing simply picking the card that looks better for that specific turn, but picking cards that will come in handy in later turns requires skill and foresight. The Brawl is out, so go discover some cards.


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