‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ Episode 3 First Trailer Coming Tomorrow

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And the blocks keep on falling. After releasing the first two episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode (Free) in quick succession, Telltale has just announced that the first trailer for Episode 3, The Last Place You Look, is coming tomorrow (which hopefully means the episode is coming soon). As you might know if you’ve read my review of the first two episodes, I was very excited about the first episode but not at all about the second; while the first hit all the right notes and had a really nice narrative rhythm to it, the second one was pretty flat and really, really short. In a way I expected the quality of the episodes to vary (as with every episodic game), but the two episodes were really far apart in terms of narrative quality. Still, I continue to be excited about Telltale’s journey into the world of Minecraft, despite the setback that was Episode 2.

I have been wondering, though, how the Minecraft community has received Telltale’s saga. I heard one Minecraft player (quite young in age) state in puzzlement that “it’s just a game with questions," which I found both very funny but also, perhaps, a sign of the obstacles Telltale’s genre-crossing attempt has had to face. Hopefully the story will pick up and Minecraft: Story Mode will end up knocking it out of the park.


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