Will ‘Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 Update Make the Game Better for Casual Players?

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As it happens with every big update to a game as important as Clash of Clans (Free), the upcoming Town Hall 11 update has players either quite excited or not at all. Since everyone has been speculating about what the update will include and how it will change the game, I decided to also speculate a bit. When the update was originally announced in ClashCon, many felt that the focus on Town Hall 11 showed that the upcoming update was going to mostly include features that matter only to the top Clash of Clan players rather than the majority of the game’s community. The reaction must have been measurable because the developers came out the other day and declared that the update is part of an effort to improve the way everyone plays Clash of Clans and, in general, will bring “quality-of-life" changes.

As anyone who’s tried to play the game knows, it takes a pretty substantial time commitment to really enjoy the game, a fact that has been a barrier to many. What I’ve been wondering is whether those promised quality-of-life changes have to do with life within the game or while you aren’t playing the game. While most would say that Supercell probably doesn’t care what you do when you aren’t actively playing Clash of Clans, I think the company does care because most people I know who have tried playing Clash of Clans had to stop because their inability to spend crazy amounts of time playing meant that the game simply wasn’t as much fun. I’m curious whether we’ll see Supercell trying to make the game friendlier to the very casual players and how such a possible move could affect other games of the genre. Not long before we start getting sneak peaks (they start on the 23rd), so we’ll see which direction Supercell will take Clash of Clans. But yes, I am actually quite curious.

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