Upcoming ‘Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 Update Gets a 2-Week Sneak Peek Starting November 23rd!

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Well, we finally got some more news about the big update coming to Clash of Clans (Free). If you remember, we got a sneak peak of Town Hall 11 and some other features during ClashCon, but today we got to hear a bit more. First of all, there will be chanes to Shields, including the exciting new “Village Guard" concept. Session timers and the Personal Break will also be changed as will Multiplayer Matchmaking, League Bonuses, and High-level Trophy calculations. According to the developers, these changes are part of an effort to make quality-of-life changes that aim to improve the way everyone plays Clash of Clans every single day. I guess this statement is in response to the complaints by many that the upcoming update seemed to be only for those at the upper echelons of the game.

The developers stated that they are aware the update is taking its time, but they want to make sure that the upcoming changes are “as well tested and well balanced as possible." However, in what will be good news for all, they are going to kick-off a 2-week sneak peek schedule starting the week of November 23rd to get everyone in on the conversation. The planned topics will be:

Shields – Part I: Attacking and Defending
Shields – Part II: The Village Guard and Personal Breaks
Matchmaking, Trophy Offers and League Bonuses
More Update Sneak Peeks
Town Hall 11 News, including a new defense and a new hero.

So, are you more excited about the update now? It does seem that the developers are listening to players’ feedback and responding accordingly. No matter how you feel about the update, I have a hunch you are still looking forward to the sneak peeks.

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