TouchArcade Deals: SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller for $29.95

If you grew up on the Super Nintendo, and nothing has really scratched the same itch as holding a SNES controller, today’s offer via TouchArcade Deals is something that should be on your radar. The SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller is available now for $29.95 with free shipping. We saw them at E3, and they’re the real deal. It’s like having a Bluetooth-enabled SNES controller.


Now, a couple caveats here- This controller is not MFi certified, meaning, if you’re using it with an iOS device it’s going to work like an iCade controller in that it pretends it’s a Bluetooth keyboard. Not super ideal, but it works. For anyone who is jailbroken, or playing games on a Mac, PC, or Android device of any kind, it’ll work marvelously. Arguably this kind of controller is best for playing emulated SNES titles, which you’d need to be jailbroken for anyway.


In the box is the controller itself, a USB cord to charge and play with, instructions on how to switch the controller into the various different modes it can be in, and a super swanky keychain. All this for a few bucks cheaper than you can get it anywhere else, so swing by TouchArcade Deals and grab one! Oh, and in semi-related news, we’re also giving away one of those absolutely ridiculous two wheeled hoverboard things. Don’t miss out on that.