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‘Durango’, an Upcoming Gorgeous-looking MMORPG, Teaches You How to Kill Your Dinosaur

Are dinosaurs the new zombies? I have a hunch they might be after the (not very deserved) success of Jurassic World and of the PC game ARK: Survival Evolved. Now, we are getting what looks like a very cool dinosaur game on mobile. Nexon’s Durango is all about contemporary people traveling back into prehistoric times to do I have no idea what. Perhaps they heard that dinosaur-skin shoes are the new big thing and are looking to make a quick buck. This multiplayer game will force players to work together to survive the hostile, dinosaur-infested world, and to do so they’ll have to explore, hunt, and build a new society that will have what it takes to make it. Nexon promises a “pioneering open-world MMORPG" that offers an experience unlike anything else on mobile. While those are promises we’ve heard a billion and a half times, the game’s setting definitely sets it apart from most other MMORPG games on mobile.


Both the teaser and the gameplay trailer showcases Durango‘s amazing visuals (including a Nathan Drake-esque leading character), some great vistas, some intense gardening unlike anything I’ve seen in mobile before, and even some weaving. Oh, it also features the main guy hunting dinosaurs while riding a dinosaur, which I have to say, gives him style points. The ending scene of the trailer also seems to promise all out warfare between clans, each with its own pet dinosaurs. The gameplay trailer from the limited Beta shows some great isometric gameplay, a train cart (which makes me think there’s more to the story than just people traveling back in time), and actually looks really promising. The trailer says “limited beta in December," but I’ve no idea whether that will actually come to be. Either way, I’m glad that we are seeing more original games coming to mobile; I just hope that the game doesn’t include characters running away from dinosaurs in high heels.