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My Spaceship Can Beat Up Your Spaceship – ‘Starside Arena’ Launching November 10th

One day space travel will be commonplace. We’ll all have our own little spaceships that we can use to zip around the galaxy. But then what? Well the next logical step will be to build a better spaceship than the rest, and prove it by going head-to-head in a fight to the death. Hey space is boring, you have to amuse yourself somehow. That’s the premise behind Starside Arena, the debut game from Epic Owl, a studio started by ex-Rovio folks late last year. Have a look at the teaser trailer for a glimpse of it in action.

If you’re a fan of the excellent space shooter Starborn Anarkist (Free), then you know how much fun it is building and customizing your own ships piece by piece in that game. It looks like a similar approach is used in Starside Arena, with a grid for dragging and dropping pieces onto your ship blueprint. Once you’ve created the perfect death machine, you’ll pit it against another real-life person’s ship over Game Center to see who’s really the boss of the galaxy. It sounds really cool, and in fact Starside Arena is currently soft-launched in Canada if you have access to a Canadian account. There’s a thread in our forums for it as well. If not, look for the full release of Starside Arena next week on November 10th.