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‘Heavy Rockets’ is the Rare Soft-Launched Indie Game

I’ve previewed Heavy Rockets in the past when it was in beta, and now a large audience can play the game. But not everyone. Usually, when an indie game comes out, it’s just released worldwide. But not Heavy Rockets. It’s actually currently only out in New Zealand. It’s the rare indie soft launch! So, if you’re a Kiwi or have the knowhow, you can check this out right now before it goes global at some point.

I’m actually really glad to see an indie developer going with a soft launch like this, because games are often improved with outside feedback, and indies need to take advantage of whatever free resources they can, like this. The concept of a game release is becoming increasingly abstract, anyway, so why not try the soft launch even if you’re a small indie? This game has shown some promise and this might be a clever way to get it tested and see how it’s going to monetize before its eventual global release. I do recommend checking it out if you can.