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Indiana Jones-esque Adventure ‘Lost Horizon’ Coming in Mid-November

Back in early June we told you about Deep Silver Fishlabs plan to port the 2010 PC adventure game Lost Horizon to iOS in July. You may have noticed it’s November, and no Lost Horizon yet. Well, these things happen you see, and after not hearing much of anything for a while now we’ve learned that Lost Horizon is still heading to iOS and it’s planned for a mid-November release. Here’s a trailer from 2010 depicting the PC version of the game.

DS Fishlabs notes that this will be a premium release and that they plan on porting the game to Android as well sometime “shortly after" the release of the iOS version. For more on the story of Lost Horizon, which as we’ve noted before has many similarities to the classic movie Indiana Jones, check out this blurb from the press release and we’ll see you again in the next week or so.

The captivating story of Lost Horizon takes place in Hong Kong in the year 1936: There, the former Air Force pilot Fenton Paddock keeps himself above water as a smuggler and petty crook. When he receives the lucrative offer to track down a lost expedition in the highlands of Tibet, Fenton’s luck seems to turn to the better. However, he and his ex-girlfriend Kim are not the only ones looking for the missing scientists. A group of Nazi occultists has also set out for Tibet with orders to claim the expedition’s revolutionary findings which – in the wrong hands – could seal the fate of the world forever.