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Award Winning Two-Player Board Game ‘Le Havre: The Inland Port’ Releases Next Week

This has been a good week for board game news so far, and it’s barely Wednesday. After getting Steam: Rails to Riches ($4.99) yesterday (albeit with some issues from what I’ve heard), we are also getting Le Havre: The Inland Port on November 10th. If you haven’t heard of this game yet, it’s a 2-player award-winning board game designed by Uwe Rosenberg and shares the theme of the other famous board game, Le Havre. In Le Havre: The Inland Port, players compete to become the richest harbormasters by acquiring resources, constructing buildings, and so on. Players take turns constructing buildings or using existing buildings effects (much like Le Havre). As with similar board games, it comes down to optimizing moves and making the most of the existing buildings. You can even use your opponent’s buildings, but you have to pay them money to do so.

Le Havre

The game is pretty highly rated and has won the 2013 International Gamers Award for two-player board games. The game’s art looks similar to Le Havre (although slightly more blocky), and the music is appropriate for the setting (but hopefully not too monotonous). The game offers asynchronous multiplayer, iCloud saving, and global cross-platform leaderboards. From the looks of it, the developers are trying to focus on Le Havre: The Inland Port"s competitive nature, which should help the game stand out among its peers on the App Store. The game releases November 10th and will cost $4.99.